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The biggest Merger & Acquisitions deals penned in the books of Edtech industry

The biggest M&A deals penned in the books of Edtech industry
The biggest M&A deals penned in the books of Edtech industry

One of the few sectors that have shown great tendency to grow in the coming time is ‘Edtech’. The rapidly growing industry is making us see an impressive growth burst and what the future of education technology looks like. Not only the current scenario of this industry is progressing but it also looks like that its future is quite bright with the new ways opening up for pioneers in the sector. The sudden advent of the education technology industry has made the Edtech market quite conductive for various kinds of acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and other trends. 

Several enterprises resort to M&A or the merger and acquisition deals for gaining advantage over their competitors and strengthening their position by creating a dominant position in the market. With the exaggerated rise in companies emerging in the Edtech market the trend of this sector is rapidly shifting towards the merger and acquisition in the industry. 

Let us know about some of the major acquisition deals for understanding how the education technology industry is taking the advantage of this effective strategy:

Ellucian acquired by TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners 

The global leader provider of technology solutions medical designed for meeting the higher education names announced TPG Capital and Leonard Green Partners to acquire a majority interest in Ellucian from co investor JMI Equity and Hellman & Friedman.

This acquisition was intended to accelerate the cloud offering, broaden the product portfolio and enhance the student information with TPG and Leonard working as partners.

Announced Date: Aug 13, 2015

Deal Price: US$ 3.5 billion

Skillsoft acquired by Charterhouse Capital Partner

The America based Edtech Company that develops learning management content and system software, Skillsoft was acquired by Charterhouse Capital Partners in March 2014. The transaction valued the company at around USD 2.3 billion that included debt. Berkshire Partners sold the company with the aim to deliver industry leading learning solutions for the customer and driving the growth of business. Later in 2014, Skillsoft acquired the software enterprise sum total systems in September.

Announced Date: March 17, 2014

Deal Price: US$2 billion

Lynda acquired by LinkedIn 

The professional network platform LinkedIn announced in April 2015 that it is acquiring the online learning teaching business, creative skills and technology Lynda in a US$ 1.5 billion deal. The company explained that they acquired the company for creating a better experience for the LinkedIn users. The acquisition was done with the combination of around 52% cash and 48% of stocks. Lynda was merged and renamed as LinkedIn Learning.

Announced Date: April 9, 2015

Deal Price: US$1.5 billion 

Walden University acquired by Adtalem Global Education

The Chicago-based leading workforce solution provider Adtalem announced acquiring the online health care education enterprise Walden and University from laureate education in September 2020. The acquisition deal was done with US$ 1.48 billion cash. 

By joining hands with Walden University, Adtalem intended to become the premier national healthcare educator to provide comprehensive workforce solutions to the employees with learning modalities and academic outcomes.

Announced Date: Sep 11, 2020 

Deal Price: US$ 1.5 billion

Renaissance Learning acquired by Hellman & Friedman

Hellman & Friedman announced that it is acquiring Renaissance Learning, a kindergarten to twelfth assessment and learning analytics platform in March, 2014. The transaction was done by USD 1.1 billion private equity investment from the Permira Fund of Hellman & Friedman. Google capital remained an investor in renaissance learning. The aim of this one of the biggest acquisitions in the edtech sector was to demonstrate the value of learning analytics.

Announced Date: March 13, 2014

Deal Price: US$ 1.1 billion 

Trilogy Education Services acquired by 2U Inc.

2U, the American Edtech platform announced that it is acquiring Trilogy Education Services, that helps in setting up and running short term coding programs at various University Extension Schools in April 2019. The transaction was done at US$ 750 million, in which US$ 350 million were paid in the form of shares and the rest was paid in cash with a US$ 250 million debt from Owl Rock Capital and US$ 150 million from the available funds of the company. 

The acquisition deal was aimed at opening the third chapter of 2U for driving in bootcamps.

Announced Date: Apr 8, 2019 

Deal Price: US$ 750 million

Ibmec acquired by Adtalem Global Education 

Adtalem Global Education, the leading workforce solution provider announced that it is acquiring the nationally recognized educational institute, Grupo Ibmec Educacional S.A. in December, 2015. The transaction was valued at US$ 699 million with subject to closing adjustments.

The M&A deal was aimed at current market disruptions and to focus on the long-term opportunities in the higher education sector in Brazil. 

Announced Date: Dec 15, 2015 

Deal Price: US$ 699 million

Adtalem Educational do Brasil acquired by YDUQS

Adtalem Global Education, the workforce solution provider announced that it is acquiring its Brazilian portfolio platform Adtalem Educational do Brazil to the second largest education company of Brazil and the educational group YDUQS in October 2019. 

The acquisition transaction was valued at US$ 465 million. This deal was made in order to advance the company’s strategy for becoming a leading provider of workforce solutions, and aligning Adtalem’s portfolio for better addressing the skills gap in the global workforce to serve its market in a competitive and comprehensive manner.

Deal Price: US$ 465 million

Announced Date: October 21, 2019

WhiteHat Jr acquired by Byju’s 

The India based leading education technology platform Byju’s announced that it is acquiring white hat Jr. in August 2020. 

The US$ 300 million transaction was made with the purpose to get Byju’s for launching coding for children which is a fast growing segment in the Kindergarten to 12th or K12 space of Edtech.

Announced Date: Aug 5, 2020

Deal Price: US$ 300 million

EdTech companies are consistently coming up with revolutionary concepts to innovate the education system and the industry as a whole. The trend of M&A EdTech is one of such evergreen ones; however we can expect some new ones in the industry in the coming time.

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