Home Funding Biteable brings in US$ 7 million Series A funding

Biteable brings in US$ 7 million Series A funding

Biteable brings in US$ 7 million Series A funding
Biteable brings in US$ 7 million Series A funding

Biteable, a Hobart Australia based online video creation platform US$ 7 million funding in a Series A round led by VC Cloud Apps Capital Partners on 30th December 2020. 

The startup makes the creation of professional and polished videos easy using the library of animation images and templates. The video creation service is today a competitor of products from Canva, Adobe and Vimeo but is focused on creating the video assets that carry more staying power than the temporary social videos. Since the pandemic has increased using video communication, these kinds of videos are more in demand than ever and exceptionally in the smaller businesses which has fuelled Biteable to grow. 

The CEO of Biteable, Brent Chudoba who has joined Biteable recently said, “The pandemic increased the move towards video which was already happening. It obviously helped things like zoom and products like loom. We have seen a benefit as well. I think we will see e even bigger benefits with time as enterprises are now used with sharing messages and working remotely having got more with creativity in distributing information.”

He recently joined the company because Biteable wanted to bring a CEO who has more experience in growing a freemium software productivity business. Before this he has worked in private equity and was an early employee, CRO at Surveymonkey, COO at PicMonkey, Business Operations Head at Cakendly and CFO and COO at Thrive Global. He admits that Biteable has competition in the market which he views as a positive thing. This means there is opportunity for them in the market and thus gives Biteable a good chance to differentiate it from what others are offering.  

About Biteable

Founded by Simon Westlake, James Macgregor and CTO Tommy Fotak, in 2015 the company is headquartered in Australia. The Biteable team was initially working for freelance projects for the people who needed explanatory videos or advertising which made them realize the opportunity for the video credit creation market. They believed that the video builder market has a huge demand that simplified many decisions needed while making a video. This is what they wanted to do for creating videos what Wix, Squarespace and others have already done for creating websites. Biteable provides studio level video creation with the help of animations, effects and footage. Regardless of the skills and budget, anyone can create professional level videos in a snap using the platform. 

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