Home Funding Dreamdata secures US$ 4.4 million seed fund

Dreamdata secures US$ 4.4 million seed fund

Dreamdata secures US$ 4.4 million seed fund
Dreamdata secures US$ 4.4 million seed fund

A Denmark based business to business revenue attribution platform Dreamdata secured US$ 4.4 million seed funding on 14th December 2020. The round was led by Crowberry Capital and InReach Ventures

The round also included participation from PreSeed Ventures, Seedcamp and Futuristic.vc. Preseed, Seedcamp and Futuristic.vc also participated in the pre seed funding round of Dreamdata led a year ago. The freshly raised funding will be invested in developing their platform.

The recent investment of company follows a rapid growth time since its establishment in 2018 and has built a diverse and attractive client base. These include publicly listed business to business enterprises and swiftly growing SaaS brands.

The CEO of Dreamdata, Lars Grønnegaard commented, “The B2B enterprises have several teams, data silos and departments, each of which represent different realities of revenue. Dreamdata helps in clearing, sorting and unifying all of the data to help our customers in growth. We mostly prove to our customers that these sale cycles are two, three or four times longer than what they actually expect. This is quite an essential matter while planning or trying to hit the budgets.

With this newly received funding we will further invest in developing the Dreamdata platform and continue opening people’s eyes to the undivided value a revenue attribution platform can bring for the B2B organizations. The B2B attribution is quite different and even more complex than B2C. In short the data helps the B2B companies for repeating success and put a stop on wasting money.“

Dreamdata delivers the right tools that enable the algorithmic decision making capability in sales and marketing. They integrate the tracking providers like segment.com and combine it to the CRM or marketing systems for deriving data. With use of this data and the enrichment data from the enterprises like Fullcontact and Clearbit they provide complete insights into the customer journey at both macro and micro levels. They provide sales representatives with full context and provide revenue funnels starting from the leading acquisition channels to revenue.


The platform empowers the enterprises to collect a diverse data range from several resources across business and thereby make informed decisions from the same. Dreamdata simplifies the data and builds a data set which can make sense for decision making as per the B2B context. A meaningful data set for B2B can text provides actionable and simple analysis. It answers the important B2B marketing questions that include channels and campaigns for stopping or scaling, the return on advertising spending, and the timing it would take for acquiring new customers.

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