Home Funding Conversational commerce suite, Charles launches with €1 million funding

Conversational commerce suite, Charles launches with €1 million funding

Conversational commerce suite, Charles launches with €1 million funding
Conversational commerce suite, Charles launches with €1 million funding

Charles, a Berlin based self proclaimed conversational commerce suite, announced its launch with €1 million funding on 9th December 2020. The software helps the consumers and merchants to sell their brands through Whatsapp and other chatting applications.

The funding was led by angel investors like Tarek Müller , the CEO of About You and Alexander Graf, the CEO of Spryker Systems. The startup integrates the existing commerce and bot tools into a single interface where all the chat and messaging apps are already integrated. Within this conversational commerce the customers can ask the questions they have, discover new products, order, track, shipping, get personalized notifications, return labels and get information about new deals. 

The idea for Charles came from the previous venture of the co-founder which was an online shop named Kapten and Son which sold clothing using Whatsapp. As the founder and CEO of Charles, Artjem Weissbeck said, approximately a quarter of the first 1,000 customers bought again within the same month. He said, “After so many brands approached us for asking which software we use, we identified the major demand for the B2B market and decided to use it in building the software ourselves.”

The company believes that conversational commerce can become the biggest disruption for the brands with the rise of ecommerce and social media. It enables full potential for the sales process by providing the latest and up-to-date and integrations from messengers and various shop systems. They have the integrations for the chat applications like Dialogflow, GMB, Slack, Whatsapp, Messenger and Shopify. While the integrations for the other applications like WooCommerce, Shopware, Spryker and iMessage are under construction.

The features of Charles like subscribe and notify, convert using chats, VIP programs, multi chatting APIs, shopping integration, clever automation and template studio helps brands to pioneer conversation commerce in one intuitive design.

charles logo
Charles: Seamless end to end conversational commerce suite

The conversational commerce suite for customer bands, Charles was built with the aim to help the brands who want to talk and build relationships with their consumers. Its intuitive user interface integrates with the API of Messenger with the commerce backend which brings the product catalogue and checkout experience in the conversational journeys. Presently the company is launched with two programs, the startup program for the businesses with less than 50 employees and the enterprise plan which helps the bigger companies for customizing their products and developing the right plan for the business.

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