Home AgriTech SeeTree raises US$ 30 million for its intelligent network of trees

SeeTree raises US$ 30 million for its intelligent network of trees

SeeTree raises US$ 30 million for its intelligent network of trees
SeeTree raises US$ 30 million for its intelligent network of trees

An Israeli agriculture technology platform, SeeTree raised US$ 30 million investment in a Series B round on 8th December 2020. The round was led by the global financial institution International Finance Corporation which is a member of World Bank Group. 

The round also included participation from other investors like Orbia, Kubota and Citrosuco. Citrosuco is one of the largest orange juice producers across the world. Oribia Ventures is a Venture Capital from Orbia and a global solution provider for increasing urbanization, food and water scarcity. Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer which specializes in agricultural equipment and tractors. The previous investor of SeeTree, Hanaco which led the US$ 11.5 million series a round of the company two years earlier also participated. 

SeeTree, a leading player of the agriculture technology space aims at bringing technology disruption in the farming world. The company offers end-to-end services for managing and optimizing productivity and health of the trees for the farmers. The specialization of SeeTree includes farming optimization, intelligence network for trees, agronomic intelligence powered by artificial intelligence, and data collection campaigns.  

The services of SeeTree help the farmers for optimizing everything about their trees. It provides the farmers with the most advanced set of data and intelligence networks in agriculture technology ranging in business decisions to agronomic domains. The unprecedented visibility in the productivity and health record of trees overtime results in the transformation in the way in which trees are managed which eventually helps in increasing profitability. 

SeeTree utilizes the power of cutting edge technology, like Artificial Intelligence and uses it with the agronomic human intelligence for bringing accuracy and consistency. The comprehensive service of SeeTree employs sensors, special vehicles, drones for capturing precise data on the ground and multidimensional sensing imagery. 

About SeeTree


The company SeeTree was founded in 2017 by Israel Talpaz, Guy Morgenstern and Barak Hachamov, and is headquartered in Herzliya, Tel Aviv Israel. The company offers complete transparency for the health of trees in the Agritech sector. The company is successfully operating in the US, South Africa, Brazil and Chile and observes more than 50 million trees across the globe. And as they say this number will be 1 billion by 2023. They are also planning to apply their offerings for other crops as well. The company was also one of the finalists of the 8th Annual GeekAwards for the “Most Promising Startup” category in January. 

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