Home Funding Fylamynt announces its launch with US$ 6.5 million seed fund

Fylamynt announces its launch with US$ 6.5 million seed fund

Flyamynt announces its launch with US$ 6.5 million seed fund
Flyamynt announces its launch with US$ 6.5 million seed fund

Fylamynt, a California based cloud platform that helps users to build, analyze and run cloud automation workflows with no or little code, announced its launch with US$ 6.5 million seed funding on 2nd December 2020. 

The funding round was led by Google’s artificial intelligence focused fund-Gradient Ventures and an additional investment from Point72 Ventures and Mango Capital. Fylamynt is planning to hire and scale their research and development team with the newly raised seed capital. They are also planning to build and execute their market strategy. They are launching a ‘free forever’ stage starting from 2nd December. 

The CEO and co-founder of Fylamynt, Pradeep Padala said, “Automation is the main factor for operating company software-as-a-service at scale with huge availability but writing code is the bottleneck in building any automation. We built our platform Fylamynt to aid the cloud engineers codify each aspect of cloud workflows. With the newly received investment we are democratizing automation and growing a team for every company to be agile.”

The present cost of operations is quite high in the fortune 1000 companies with application downtime that carries cost of approximate US$ 1.25 to US$ 2.5 billion in a year and average cost for an hour and the critical application failures is US$ 500,000 to US$ 1 million. The founders of Fylamynt started their idea in 2019 for solving this problem and increasing the revenue and productivity for the enterprises. With their decades of expertise in web-scale infrastructure, helping communities for operating both public private cloud environments and shipping infrastructure for public and private clouds, they bring the right experience to Fylamynt. 

By building workflows using artificial intelligence their platform is an intermediate connection that automates cloud workflow with all code and services. The modern workflow automation engine of Fylamynt allows the site reliability engineers to connect any infrastructure and code including codes written using Infrastructure-as-a-Code tools like Ansible and Terraform. It provides solitary orchestration engine for running any infrastructure code and allows connecting it with several services like PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Slack, DataDog and Splunk

About Fylamynt 


The San Francisco bay area based platform, Fylamynt is a platform for cloud automation. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Xiaoyun Zhu, David Lee and Pradeep Padala, the company is backed by Google’s AI focused Venture Fund, Point72 Capital, Gradient Ventures, Mango Capital and Angel investors Ameet Patel, Liquid2 Ventures, Sri Pangulur and few others.

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