Home Funding OurCrowd announces US$ 16 million investment from ORIX

OurCrowd announces US$ 16 million investment from ORIX

OurCrowd announces US$ 16 million investment from ORIX
OurCrowd announces US$ 16 million investment from ORIX

Israel based OurCrowd, a venture funding platform, has received US$ 16 million investment from ORIX Corporation on 19th November 2020. It is the first collaboration of ORIX with the startup sector of Israel. 

With this OurCrowd is planning to provide extended financial services access to a broad array of innovative companies and technologies. According to the agreement OurCrowd and ORIX will together collaborate in focus areas they have agreed on and will establish investment opportunities and financial products which are suitable for global and Japanese markets. This will include access for both individual and portfolio companies and venture capital investments with a deal by deal term. 

In the last few years the trade between Japan and Israel has increased at a significant rate and Japan has become one of the largest investors of Israeli technology with around 90 Japanese enterprises active in Israel. ORIX will work together with our crowd for further increasing this cooperation between two countries and enhancing further opportunities for Israeli startups throughout Asia.

Kiyoshi Habiro, the CEO of ORIX UK said, “We are quite excited about this investment in OurCrowd which is Israel’s most active venture investor and one of the global innovative venture capital platforms. We intend to serve as an active partner of our crowd for helping them to accelerate their impressive growth and bringing the best of Israel technology to large financial and industrial sectors of Japan.”

OurCrowd is a global platform for venture investing that helps individuals and institutions for making investment and engaging in budding companies. It is one of the most active investors present in Israel. They select the companies, invest their capital and provide their global network access for co investing, contributing connections, deal flow and talent. They build value for their portfolio companies in their entire life cycle by providing mentorship, navigating follow-on rounds, recruiting experienced industry advisors and thereby creating growth opportunities by its multinational partnership network. 

The community of our crowd has around 60,000 registered investors from around 183 countries. They have 1.5 billion plus commitments and have invested in 23 funds and 220 companies. 

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The global venture investing platform, OurCrowd was founded in 2013 with the idea of new startups growing better and bigger with the access to opportunities of venture capital level investment. Today it is one of the global level platforms which empower institutions and individual companies to engage and invest.

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