Home Funding Biopharma startup Inipharm raises $35M in Series A funding

Biopharma startup Inipharm raises $35M in Series A funding

Biopharma startup Inipharm raises $35M in Series A funding
Biopharma startup Inipharm raises $35M in Series A funding

Inipharm, a Seattle and San Diego-based biopharma focused on discovering and developing therapies for liver and related diseases, has announced raising a US$ 35 million Series A financing round held in November 2020. The investment comes from AM Ventures and Wu Capital, with existing investors Frazier Healthcare Partners and Jubilant Biosys Limited.

The Series A funding will enable the advancement of Inipharm’s lead program through IND filing and into clinical trials. The startup has also announced that Brian Daniels, M.D., partner at 5AM Ventures and Hannah Chang, M.D., Ph.D., managing director at Wu Capital, have joined Inipharm’s board of directors.

What Frazier Healthcare Partners has to say

“HSD17B13 is a fascinating target with strong genetic links to numerous liver diseases. The Inipharm team, along with CRO partner Jubilant Biosys, has made excellent early progress in modulating this target with small molecules, and we are thrilled to support the company to accelerate their efforts towards the clinic,” said founding Board Member Dan Estes, Ph.D., general partner, Frazier Healthcare Partners.

What Inipharm has to say

“Our team of drug discovery and development experts, who built Mavupharma’s program to target the STING pathway, is developing small molecules to target HSD17B13 as an alternative to other approaches based on RNA knockdown. The potential for therapies that effectively target HSD17B13 activity is significant because it is linked to a broad spectrum of liver and related diseases,” said Brian Farmer, co-founder at Inipharm.

About Inipharm

Inipharm, a USA based biopharmaceutical for discovering and developing therapies for severe liver diseases, was founded in 2018. Its lead programs are targeted on the highly validated genetic target, HSD17B13. The company is advancing a pipeline of small-molecule therapies that target the activity of this protein.

About AM Ventures

AM Ventures
AM Ventures

AM (Advanced Manufacturing) Ventures establishes an industry-leading ecosystem to build scalable value chains that enhance serial production of advanced applications. The venture capital firm offers unique access to production technology, experts and financing opportunities. It was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Starnberg, Germany.

Wu Capital

Wu Capital
Wu Capital

Founded in 2013, Wu Capital is a prime Chinese evergreen fund with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. The company partners with top fund managers and talented entrepreneurs globally. It has portfolio direct equity investments across fields like technology, consumer, education and healthcare sector. It has 30 plus companies in its portfolio. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China.

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