Home Funding Virtual Event platform HeySummit adds-in US$ 1million seed funding

Virtual Event platform HeySummit adds-in US$ 1million seed funding

Virtual Event platform HeySummit adds-in US$ 1million seed funding
Virtual Event platform HeySummit adds-in US$ 1million seed funding

The Scottish startup, HeySummit that provides management and marketing tools for virtual events has raised US$1million seed funding on 22nd October 2020. The round was led by Techstart Ventures with the participation of Active Capital and Ankur Nagpal (Founder and CEO of Teachable).

The platform and its usability 

HeySummit makes the hectic task of creating, running, managing, and analyzing the online summits, conferences, talk series or events easier. The management and marketing tools provided by the platform offer help in running virtual event things such as speaker management, ticketing, and landing pages. The hosts of the event can opt for the pre-recorded or live programming, or even the hybrid of both. The app integrates the programming with the leading networking, video hosting and webinar platforms. The big brand platforms like Microsoft Teams, YouTube Live, Google Meet, and Zoom and other tools like Remo, GoToWebinar, Livewebinar, Icebreaker, and RunTheWorld are available for the hosts. 

The wide range of integrations available over the platform highlights its varied range of users. The CEO and Co-founder of HeySummit, Robert Gelb said, “In the past few months the Red Cross, UN, Outreach, Dynatrace, Inman, and others have used their platform. However, the ‘passion economy’- artisans, solo founders, entrepreneurial hobbyists remain their prime customer segment”. 

In the past year, the platform has hosted more than 4500 events, welcoming around 2 million attendees. The built-in features of HeySummit simplify the process involved in the creation of a successful event. The attendees can discover the content and register for the events effortlessly. It allows the hosts of any event to be in-charge, allows them to target the right community, offer giveaways, referrals, and more. 

Speaker onboarding


The platform lets the speakers generate live content on their optimized landing page, which assists them in converting the potential candidates into attendees of the event. The hosts can also choose to invite speakers to their dashboards for adding their details, access readily available tweets, download event graphics and swipe copy the content to share across their own channels. The events can also be customized with different languages that can be pre-loaded or can be manually translated.

HeySummit also provides professional services by planning and running virtual events on behalf of organizers. The plans offered for organizing a virtual event start with the pricing as low as US$33 with a 14-day free trial. 

About Techstart Ventures

Techstart Ventures
Techstart Ventures

Techstart is one of the leading seed capital investors across Northern Ireland and Scotland. Founded in 2014, the Venture Capital is a trusted partner backing ambitious founders throughout their journey to success. It primarily invests in Early Stage and Seed Ventures. 

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