Unlike FinTech or FoodTech, which are well-established segments in the European startup ecosystem, the LegalTech industry in Europe is slowly emerging as an innovative field. Individual LegalTech pioneers and firms are leading the development of the LegalTech scene in Europe rather than the traditional players in that industry.

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 LegalTech Startups of Europe:

1. Workshare


Founders: Barrie Hafield

Founding Year: 1999

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: US$ 68.1M

Investors: Intel Capital, Business Growth Fund, Scottish Equity Partners, AlbionVC, Quester Capital, Steelpoint Capital Partners, SPARK VCT and  Wells Fargo Financial

Workshare offers a state-of-the-art and smart platform to professionals to help them compare, guard and share their highly confidential documents on any device. Its platform enables content owners to accurately monitor and compare modifications made by all contributors. Also, enterprises get access to safe and secure ways to work in partnership and control the process of continuous change.


Presently, over 2 million professionals in 70 countries use Workshare solutions on their desktop, mobile or tablet. Workshare also has offices in the US and Australia.

Workshare was acquired by Litera, a provider of innovative document technology solutions globally, in 2019.

2. Doctrine


Founders: Antoine Dusséaux, Nicolas Bustamante, Raphael Champeimont

Founding Year: 2016

Headquarters: Paris, France

Funding received: €12M

Investors: Kima Ventures, AGORANOV, Xavier Niel, The Family, Otium Capital, Oleg Tscheltzoff, Florian Douetteau and Thibault Viort

The LegalTech startup builds legal research and analytics SaaS for legal experts, law firms, companies, and people to explore the law ecosystem, manage their cases, and grow their business. It leverages the latest technologies in artificial intelligence to examine court decisions and provide deep insights and data analytics solutions. 

Doctrine's Team

Doctrine is building the future of law by providing a better technology to search through vast law-related data entries.

3. Lexoo


Founders: Chris O’Sullivan and Daniel van Binsbergen

Founding Year: 2014

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: US$ 6.7M

Investors: 500 Startups, Earlybird Venture Capital, London Co-Investment Fund, Angels Den, QVentures, Forward Partners, Wild Blue Cohort, Tim Jackson, Andrew Nutter, Duncan Jennings, Ned Staple

LegalTech startup Lexoo is an online data-driven marketplace where enterprises and in-house legal teams can easily compare and recruit talented and avant-garde lawyers around the world, all of whom are examined properly and assessed by Lexoo. The lawyers are encouraged to compete for work and the public can also view hundreds of reviews from other businesses. Its team of ex-lawyers does the selection, so users will only receive quotes from lawyers that are suitable for the job. 

Lexoo website

The lawyers working with them are typically past big-firm lawyers who now work on a lower overhead basis. The Lexoo solution is simple, more affordable and transparent.

4. Autologyx


Founders: Ben Stoneham

Founding Year: 2015

Headquarters: Farnborough, Hampshire

Funding received: US$ 6.4M

Investors: London Co-Investment Fund, Angel CoFund, SyndicateRoom, Beacon LLP, Kevin Chong, Richard Lawrence Hargreaves

Autologyx is a LegalTech startup offering a containerized digital operations platform that automates complex mission-critical processes faster and more economically than existing automation software. The startup caters to multiple industries but primarily focuses on the legal and professional services industry including Law Companies, Corporate Legal Departments, Law Firms and other Legal Services shifting the need for single-purpose software systems for rights and asset management, entity management, work distribution and triage, contract and document evaluation, compliance, regulatory and governance.

Autologyx website

5. Exizent


Founders: Aleks Tomczyk and Nick Cousins

Founding Year: 2018

Headquarters: Glasgow, Glasgow City

Funding received: US$ 4.1M

Investors: FNZ

Exizent delivers an industry platform for professionals involved in managing the bereavement process. It connects information and services used by legal services firms, institutions, and executors when someone passes away to ensure an easy and less sorrowful journey for the grieving ones. This area is yet to be explored by technology until now. 

Exizent's user interface

Exizent’s goal is to build a business that becomes an integral part of the bereavement and remembrance landscape and helps everybody reduce ambiguity, increase efficiency, and overall make the process more straightforward for everyone involved.

6. Contractbook


Founders: Jarek Owczarek, Niels Martin Brochner and Viktor Heide

Founding Year: 2016

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Hovedstaden

Funding received: €3.5M

Investors: Gradient Ventures, byFounders, Henrik Holmark, Lars-Erik Houmann Christensen and Stig Hølledig

Contractbook provides a digital contract management platform enabling individuals or businesses to manage the entire lifespan of their contracts in one go. Users can create, sign and store all of their legal documents on a single digital platform to increase transparency in their organization, secure compliance, save precious time and merely build better contracts.

Contractbook Management

7. Avtal24


Founders: Anders Perméus

Founding Year: 2004

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Funding received: US$ 2.4M

Investors: Industrifonden and NFT Ventures

Avtal24 offers agreements for both private individuals and companies which can be easily accessed. It believes in making the law available to everyone and they want every citizen to have access to legal security. Avtal24 enables people to write agreements online or together with a lawyer by phone. It offers a fixed price for its services. 


With high legal know-how, pioneering technology and a great focus on customer benefit, it offers the market’s most handy legal services. It is owned by the Lexly Group, which presently holds a supreme position in the Nordic legal tech market.

8. Justice.cool


Founders: Olivier GUIMBAL and Romain Drosne

Founding Year: 2019

Headquarters: Vincennes, France

Funding received: €1.1M

Investors: Bpifrance, Wilco, Pole Capital and Aviva Group

Justice.cool offers an AI-driven conciliation platform that helps resolve small disputes digitally. The LegalTech startup believes that small disputes should not be taken to court, with France and other international regions being certain of the fact that alternative dispute resolving solution providers are institutions of utmost importance. These platforms serve as important tools to preserve the sustainability of the judicial system. Justice.cool is available 24/7 and offers its services in an affordable manner. 

Justice.cool Team

9. Bundledocs


Founders: Brian Kenneally

Founding Year: 2005

Headquarters: Ballincollig, Cork

Funding received: €600K

Investors: Enterprise Ireland

Bundledocs offers cloud software to lawyers so that they can work digitally. Its software provides legal specialists with powerful document bundling, in-browser document management, a collection of annotation features, OCR, partnership and secure sharing. It has over 700 clients across 34 nations.


The startup also claims that the demand for its paperless solutions has escalated by more than 40 percent since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic due to more legal specialists working from home.

10. Hunit


Founders: Aaron Powers and Jan Christian Berger

Founding Year: 2018

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: €500K

Hunit provides SaaS tools for legal professionals to integrate smart agreements and blockchain in their regular work environment. Its solution is extremely efficient and better than paper-based agreements that lack the features and advantages provided by digitization. Its platform permits issuers of private market investments (such as OTC corporate bonds) to cut agreement and operational costs by up to 90%. It also enables them to independently resolve the majority of contract breaches that typically end in court and replace telephone-based trading with a global financial market.


Hunit is a part of Microsoft for Startups’ London-based ScaleUp Accelerator program.

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