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Lawyer marketing software Lawmatics gains US$2.5 million investment

The San Diego based startup Lawmatics that develops CRM and marketing software for lawyers announced on 17th October 2020 about gaining US$2.5 million in its seed funding. The seed funding was led by Forefront Ventures and Eniac Ventures, joined by the participation of Bridge Venture Partners and Revel Ventures.

The specifics of the platform

The platform delivered by Lawmatics includes a Customer Relationship Management system to manage the process of client intake along with tools that automate the process of tackling and blocking the marketing process. These processes include sending greetings, birthday and similar messages to the clients. This might sound like a small task but is highly essential for the law firms to nurture former client relationships, as most of their business is approached from referrals. 

The CEO of Lawmatics, Matt Spiegel who used to earlier practice law himself, said, “There are several marketing tools to opt for but lawyers are unable to because they need tools that are built for their specific needs”. Spiegel already has experience in selling technology to law firms with his earlier startup, MyCase, which was a practice management software. According to him, the relationship of any law firm with its former clients can be defined in three stages, the intake (when a client decides about hiring a firm), the phase when the case is active, and the post-case-solving time. While most of the available tools that provide marketing for lawyers are aimed with the former two, Lawmatics is focused on first and the third one. 

The Lawmatics platform 

Lawmatics aims to provide software solutions that are prevailing and simple to use for streamlining and easing the ushering process throughout when a client contacts a law firm when they become its client. Its intake management, automation, and CRM system platform are designed specifically for law firms. 

About Forefront Venture Partners 

Forefront Venture Partners
Forefront Venture Partners 

The Southern US-based Venture Capital firm Forefront Venture Partners was founded in 2014 by Phil Nadel and Barbara Corcoran. It majorly invests in Early Stage and Seed Ventures in innovative companies that are led by growth-focused entrepreneurs. 

About Eniac Ventures

Eniac Ventures
Eniac Ventures

Eniac Ventures invests in seed rounds for the potential founders who use code to build revolutionary companies. The Venture Capital was founded in 2009 by Vic Singh, Nihal Mehta, Tim Young and Hadley Harris and has its headquarters in New York. It makes Early Stage, Seed, Late Stage, and Debt investments. 



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