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Winners of India’s AI Startup Challenge – RAISE 2020

RAISE 2020 winners

The five-day virtual global AI summit RAISE 2020 that was organized by the Ministry of Electronics and IT on 5 October, announced the winners of its AI Startup Pitchfest.

Startups across various sectors including Healthcare, Smart mobility and Transportation, Edtech, NLP, Agriculture and others, were shortlisted. The jury consisted of experts from the industry, academia, and the government. 

The sector wise winners of AI Startup Pitchfest are as follows:

Health Care RAISE 2020 Winner

·   SigTuple Technologies Private Limited – Bengaluru-based startup SigTuple combines artificial intelligence, robotics and data science to build smart screening solutions, with an aim to make healthcare accurate, accessible, and affordable. Its mission is to revolutionize the global medical diagnostic space through data driven intelligence.

·   Artivatic.ai – Artivatic helps insurance companies build personalized risk profiles of customers, track and understand their financial journeys. It develops real-time intelligence based on those patterns. Artivatic is empowering insurance, broker & re-insurance businesses and developers to re-imagine insurance products.

Education RAISE 2020 Winner

· CogniABle – Gurgaon-based CogniABle is a machine learning driven assistive technology for early detection and affordable treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It has been founded by researchers and scientists from IIT-Delhi, Pediatricians and Psychologists from India and USA.

· Indiavidual Learning Limited Indiavidual Learning Pvt Ltd owns and operates Embibe.com. Embibe provides educational services to students, helping them to develop their educational standards through personalized feedback. With the help of AI, the startup maximizes the true potential of every student through the time they spend in formal education and beyond.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) sector RAISE 2020 Winner

Natural language processing

· ENIXTA Innovations Pvt Ltd – Founded by Giri Devanathan, Hyderabad-based ENIXTA Innovations is an artificial intelligence startup that helps consumers make better buying decisions using AI. It enables online businesses to listen to their customers’ voices in multiple formats, deeply across the web. ENIXTA uses AI, NLP & Machine Learning to convert customers’ voices into actionable insights.

·  Haptik – Mumbai-based Haptik builds chatbots that companies can deploy on websites, apps, and other applications. It is a conversational AI company that has reached over 100 million devices and processed over 3 billion conversations to date. Its intelligent virtual assistant solutions help Fortune 500 brands to enhance customer experience while saving costs and increasing sales. Haptik is a part of the Reliance group of companies.

· Rezo.ai – Noida- based Rezo is an AI-powered platform that automates conversations over voice, emails, WhatsApp, social media, and chats. It aims to simplify workflows by performing the time-consuming, manual tasks that require high speed and scale, for efficient and effective customer interactions.

Smart Mobility and Transportation RAISE 2020 Winner

mobility chart

·   Nayan India Science Technologies Private Limited – New Delhi-based Nayan Technologies helps in road safety and traffic monitoring through real-world visual monitoring using cameras. It has offices in Atlanta and Dubai as well.

·       RoadMetrics Private Limited – Bengaluru-based RoadMetrics detects all road and street level features using AI-based algorithms such as road surface details, street assets and informatory signs. 

·       Uncanny Vision – Uncanny Vision is an award-winning AI-based Computer Vision startup. It provides real-time, edge-based intelligence for a safer, secure & more efficient world. Its customers include leading Fortune 500 Companies in the US, Japan, Germany & India. The startup uses artificial intelligence to make CCTV and surveillance cameras more intelligent.

Agriculture RAISE 2020 Winner

·   TartanSense – Bengaluru-based agritech and robotics startup TartanSense builds robots for small farms. With the help of AI-assisted computer vision and robotics, the bots build precision sprayers for weed, insect, and disease control. 

·   IntelloLabs – Gurugram-based agritech startup Intello Labs uses image matching and machine learning to measure the quality of crops. It provides advanced image recognition technology that recognizes objects, faces, flora fauna, and tag them in any image. It uses image analytics and AI to process and test the quality of produce for B2B companies.

The winners were announced by Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, as a part of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat challenge. The winners from each sector will get a cash prize of Rs 20 lakh each.

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