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Homer secures US$ 25 million in Series B fundraise

Homer secures US$ 25 million in Series B fundraise

The startup BEGiN announced receiving US$50 million in its Series C funding round for its early learning app Homer on 1st October 2020, and according to the CEO, they will utilize this investment in creating a systematic learning experience. 

The learning experiences 

The startup has been live since 2013 and started from the same niche; its literacy apps are currently very popular for children under the age of 5 in the United States App Store. It will remain focused on its core area, expand into various other subjects, and take their learning idea further. The current asset value of BEGiN and Homer is not disclosed, but as the company said, it has hundreds of subscribers, and generates revenue in tens of million USD. 

They are going to launch the education industry’s first comprehension based early learning program. And in the curriculum, they are going to put their step forward from reading and now include math, creativity, socio-emotional learning, and critical thinking. The experiences will be served across various digital, physical, class, and tangible products to connect children and their first teacher-their parents.

Funding rounds

The funding round included several backers who are going to be onboard this vision together. These strategic investors count LEGO Ventures, 3One4 Capital, Sesame Workshop, Trustbridge Partners, Liquidity Capital, and Interlock Partners. These partners are going to help Homer in building the curriculum, the learning products, and planning aspects of the systematic learning program. 

The platform’s approach of collaborating playful ways and curiosity into learning works well with LEGO Ventures, one of its funding partners. As the managing partner of LEGO Ventures said, they are looking forward to working with the team and supporting the various in-person and digital learning experiences offerings of Homer.  


Reading App HOMER

The HOMER reading app is an interactive platform that sparks small children’s will for learning to read. The early learning program is built for children aged between the ages of 2 to 8 years. Their program is personalized for these children to develop a love for reading. The parents can see the improvement in their children’s reading scores by 74%, just with the investment of 15 minutes in a day. The app’s stories and activities are customized in a way that children like, so that they can learn while having fun. The curriculum of HOMER learning products is designed by experts, provides playful experiences, and focuses on developing academic and social skills.

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