Disrupt 2020 Startup Battlefield winner

The Disrupt 2020 Startup Battlefield started with 20 innovative startups on 14 September. After 4 days of pitching, 5 top teams were selected. The startups presented themselves in front of various reputed VCs and tech leaders, fighting for US$ 100K and the coveted Disrupt Cup.

On 18 September, after 5 days of fierce pitching, finally, the winner was declared out of the 5 finalists: Canix, Firehawk Aerospace, HacWare, Jefa and Matidor.

Winner of Disrupt 2020- Canix

Canix was founded in 2019 by Artem Pasyechnyk and Stacey Hronowski. It has built the next generation of ERP software for cannabis companies. They are providing both small and large companies with tools to optimize their day to day operations while complying with the numerous regulations. Canix leverages cutting-edge tech and hardware, with a rich dataset of pricing, yield, and inventory information. Their aim is to create the technical foundations of the cannabis industry. 

Founders of Canix- Artem Pasyechnyk and Stacey Hronowski
Canix Founders- Artem Pasyechnyk and Stacey Hronowski

As growing cannabis involves managing margins while continually adhering to compliance laws, Canix aims to eliminate this frustrating compliance, inventory management and sales work. It is a seed to sale platform that provides a suite of tools for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and distributors so that their operations go smoothly.

Some of the key features of Canix include:

·       Mobile and Desktop Application

·       Inventory Management Tools

·       Sales Orders

·       Metric Integration & Compliance Tools

·       Yield Reporting

·       Bluetooth Scale Integration

·       RFID Scanner

·       Barcode Printing

·       Offline Mode

·       Integrations with Quickbooks, Leadlink, OnFleet, and others

Canix combines workflows and sophisticated automation to offer modern software solutions for the cannabis industry. Even during COVID-19, Canix’s business has been thriving and it has acquired more than 300 customers from more than 1,000 growing facilities. Canix is tracking the movement of more than 2.5 million plants. It helps reduce the time taken for data entry.

The founders of Canix Artem Pasyechnyk and Stacey Hronowski are emphasizing on decreasing labour costs so that growers can increase their profits. Canix’s software can handle invoicing, costing, and reporting efficiently. The software also includes forecasting features. For example, it can predict a yield 90 days in the future.

Canix ERP Software

Changing the scene of cannabis industry:

Canix has the power to change the way the cannabis industry works. The cannabis sector requires a lot of data entry as the companies need to submit a lot of paperwork which is very time consuming and costly.

“I first started Canix when I was consulting for a Bay Area cannabis company. I began looking at Metrc, and I was very surprised to find that growers were writing down barcodes on paper. That was when the initial idea for Canix came about,” said Stacey Hronowski, co-founder and CEO of Canix in a statement.

The startup had also raised US$ 1.5M funding in a seed round from Floret Ventures, Yleana Venture Partners, Altair VC, Mava Ventures, Nano LLC, and Andrew Freedman. After winning TechCrunch’s Battlefield, many new doors of opportunities will open for Canix.

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