Seattle based ThruWave, a 3D millimetre wave (mmWave) imaging for supply chain and logistics has raised US$ 6.4M in Seed funding round. Its total funding stands at US$ 7.2M.

The funding round was led by E14 Fund and Ubiquity Ventures. Other participants in the round included WRF Capital, Root Ventures, Blue Sky Capital and Tsingyuan Ventures. In-Q-Tel, Inc., a not-for-profit strategic investor for United States Government agencies, joined the round as an investor and customer.

ThruWave has also been awarded a US$ 750K Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant by the National Science Foundation to help accelerate the development of its unique millimeter wave technology.

About ThruWave


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, ThruWave was founded in 2017 by Andreas Pedross-Engel, Claire Watts, Matt Reynolds. ThruWave produces millimeter wave imaging technology which is designed for markets including robotics, construction and quality control. It produces low-cost sensors for commercial and industrial applications. Its technology helps to reduce the risks by imaging the internal structure of walls, ceilings and floors that enable construction professionals to work efficiently.

ThruWav’s sensors and software analytics are suitable for existing conveyor and robotic material handling systems, enabling supply chain and logistics customers to measure and improve their inbound and outbound item handling.

“ThruWave makes the invisible visible. Our sensors do what existing cameras can’t do – we see through cardboard boxes and plastic totes to look at the items inside. We also detect anomalies such as missing or damaged items. Our computer vision layer analyzes the images to extract critical process variables like item counts, or fill volumes. We enable our customers to dramatically improve accuracy and efficiency in their warehousing and order fulfillment operations,” said Matt Reynolds, CEO of ThruWay.”

About E14 Fund

E14 Fund is an early stage venture capital firm for the MIT Media Lab community. It invests in deep tech startups involved in market-ready, scalable innovation such as sensors, AI/ML, robotics, health, synthetic biology and more.

“ThruWave’s groundbreaking millimeter wave technology addresses major pain points in both automated and manual material handling operations,” said Calvin Chin, Managing Partner of E14 Fund.

About Ubiquity Ventures

Ubiquity Ventures is a seed-stage institutional venture capital firm. It invests in “software beyond the screen” startups that leverage smart hardware and machine intelligence to bring software into the real world.

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