Los Angeles based startup, Avo raised US$ 3M on 3 September 2020 in a seed round. Avo helps businesses manage their data quality in a better way across teams.

The seed funding round was led by GGV Capital. The participants in the round were Heavybit, Y Combinator among others.

Avo was founded in 2018 by Stefania Olafsdottir and Sölvi Logason. Avo is a next-generation analytics governance platform for Govt. officials, developers and data scientists to plan and govern their product analytics. It is a toolbox to define event-based analytics and generate personalized tracking libraries that provide dev time validation of correct implementation.

Stefania Olafsdottir and Sölvi Logason
Co-founders Stefania Olafsdottir and Sölvi Logason

Stefania Olafsdottir was the head of data science at QuizUp before. She said in a statement, “We were early adopters of self-serve product analytics and culture — and we struggled immensely with data reliability and data trust.”

Avo aims to solve the complexities that businesses face when they have to collect more and more data across products and teams.

“Once organizations realize how big this issue is, that they’re effectively flying blind because of unreliable data, while their competition might be like taking the lead on the market, the default is to patch together a bunch of clunky processes and tools that partially increase the level of liability,” said Olafsdottir.

Avo was also a part of the Y Combinator program where in they worked to refine their product even more. On 2 September Avo released its new product – Avo Inspector. It is a tool that processes event streams for companies, visualizes them and highlights potential errors like type mismatches, missing properties etc. The customers can get instant insight into what’s wrong with their analytics. This will help them prioritize the most important issues and fix them.

“Avo offers engineers ease of implementation while still retaining schemas and analytics governance for product leaders,” said Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.

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