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San Francisco, CA-based, leader in advanced analytics,  Mode Analytics announced on 7th August, 2020,  that it has raised USD 33M round in series D funding round from H.I.G. Growth Partners. Other investors in the round include REV Ventures Partners , Valor Equity Partners, Switch Ventures and Foundation Capital. The company so far has raised USD 83M.

The start-up claims to utilize the funds to accelerate its analytics tools and platform which combines the best elements of Data Science (DS),  Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) and Machine Learning (ML) to empower data terms in order to answer impactful questions and support analysis across a range of business functions.

Co-founder and CEO of Mode Analytics, Derek Steer, commented, “Traditional business intelligence can show what’s happening, but not why. Even at companies with huge investments in self-serve BI, people constantly ask the data team follow-up questions. Making the data team more effective, and making the collaboration between the two groups work flawlessly, is the unmet need that Mode has filled. In doing so, we have laid the foundation for the future corporate knowledge base.”

Mode Analytics Dashboard
Mode Analytics Dashboard

Last year, the company has added some premiere companies to its customer base including Capital One, Anheuser Busch, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Zillow, VM Ware and Lyft, among others. At this point, 52% of the Forbes 500 have signed up for Mode. Mode was also the recipient of nine G2 Awards, including Overall Leader, Fastest Implementation, Best Estimated ROI, and Highest Performer in Spring 2020.

About the company

Mode Analytics is an advanced analytics platform designed by data experts. It enables Data Scientists and Analysts to comprehend, analyze, visualize and share data in a powerful end to end workflow which covers everything from the exploration stages to final and shareable product. Mode also brings the best of Data Science and Business Intelligence on a one stop platform, providing the best way to empower everyone at an organization to deploy data for making high quality and high velocity decisions. The company also provides free learning resources like SQL School and open source SQL queries to the analytics community.

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