Workflow automation app for businesses, Delightree has secured USD 3M in a seed funding round on 1st August, 2020. The investment round was led by Alchemist Accelerator, Emergent Ventures, Axilor Ventures, Accel Partners and Brainstorm Ventures. The start-up intends to deploy the funds to get new clients.

About the founders

San Francisco and Delhi based start-up, Delightree was the brainchild of Tushar Mishra and Madhulika Mukharjee. It was founded in the year 2019. The duo earlier founded CEM software company, Survaider. They worked with more than 3000 franchise stores. This experience of start-up led both to found Delightree.

“We were surprised to learn how most franchises still either run on pen and paper or old desktop-based software. Delightree is helping owners turn their stores into future-ready smart stores, where majority of processes and workflows are automated,” commented Co-founder of Delightree, Tushar Mishra.

Workflow Automation App
Workflow Automation App

About the company

The workflow automation start-up, Delightree helps deskless workers by providing digital workflow tools. These deskless workers previously  relied on paper and pen. Delightree offers its tools to franchise businesses and brick & mortar operations such as retail stores, restaurants and hotels- all of which have predominantly deskless workforce.

Delightree App
Delightree App

The company bridges the gap between the frontline employee base which traditionally did not have access to technology and management.

The company currently has franchise clients including Burger King, Subway, Halal Guys and Pedros across United States and targeting more than 750000 franchise.

The Delightree app can also streamline employee onboarding. Instead of sending documents to regional offices, employees can add their documents, sign forms and undergo training on Delightree.

The mobile app solution empowers franchise owners and store managers bydigitizing operating procedures and helping achieve compliance, team accountability, and improved performance.

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