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US-based life and career coaching community Medley announces launch

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US-based life and career coaching community Medley announces launch
US-based life and career coaching community Medley announces launch

Medley, a new membership-based community has announced its launch on July 21, 2020. Compared to various communities that bring together like-minded people to interact and exchange their ideas and experiences, Medley’s goal is to connect users with people who aren’t just like them. The startup helps connect people from all walks of life.

Founded by mother and daughter duo Edith Cooper and Jordan Taylor, Medley is financed by a variety of angel investors, including Jen Rubio, Tim Armstrong, Damien Dwin, and Foundation Capital. The company has not revealed the amount of funding raised.

Founders of Medley
Founders of Medley

Unlike other professional membership communities, Medley isn’t exclusively focused on career growth, but rather includes personal growth into the context. Edith Cooper was quoted to have said that, “Medley is really about the connection between your career, your personal growth and your philosophy in life, what I experienced is that people no longer want there to be strict barriers between those aspects of their lives.”

Users who join Medley spend about 15 minutes on the application process, answering a variety of questions that try to understand their personal and professional life and also their general psychology and personality type.

There onwards, Medley matches users into a group of eight with the only goal of ensuring that there is diversity among that small group. Some of their group mates might be young, some old. They may come from different countries, racial backgrounds or different industries. Men and women alike can meet together in their groups.


A skilled executive coach is present in the monthly group meetings (which are at present being held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic), and mentors the group as they share about themselves and learn about their group mates, keeping communication as its main focus. Medley mainly targets people in their late 20s, early 30s, the time period during which people start taking serious and long-term professional and personal decisions.


An opportunity-based sliding scale for the annual membership fee has been made to ensure the community remains inclusive.  Membership fees range from US$50 to US$250 a month. Founding memberships have been opened for users who apply in the month of July for a price of US$150/month or US$1,500 annually. “There is one main theme for my investment thesis, which is the change to direct empowerment and direct ownership of relationships between people and everything else,” said Tim Armstrong. Further, he added that Medley acts as a gym to keep your mind and career fit.

Personal Development — Stock Photo
Personal Growth

Cooper also claims that many of the barriers being faced by Medley have been successfully broken down. “We don’t have to explain anymore that different perspectives are valuable. We don’t have to explain anymore why it’s so important to have intentional conversations and dialogue with people, or that we can do that virtually as well as in person. Some of the biggest things that we were focused on communicating about this business and this offering have been broken down as a result of the push and inertia of the other things that are going on in society”, she concluded.

Before Medley, Cooper was a partner at Goldman Sachs for 20 years and spent the last decade of her term as Global Head of Human Capital Management. She is also a part of the boards of Etsy, Slack, and EQT. Taylor was Chief of Staff at Mic and was also a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School.

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